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Elite Sports Therapy is one of Calgary's staple sports therapy providers.  Founded by athletes, Elite Sports Therapy is unlike traditional approaches to health care, by providing unparalleled care that is individualized to every patient that walks through its doors.  Elite Sports Therapy is composed of both a private practice setting, as well as a mobile sports unit that provides on-site care to athletic teams and events. 

Elite Sports Therapy specializes in the treatment of soft-tissue injuries through the use of:

   Active Release Techniques (ART) ®

   Graston technique ®

   Contemporary Medical Acupuncture


   Massage Therapy

   Biomechanical Analysis

   Athletic Therapy

   Physio Therapy


   Shockwave Therapy

At Elite Sports Therapy, we recognize that there are many components to injury, whether it be repetitive strain, overuse, biomechanical, functional, or anatomical; and we target the cause of symptoms in order to eliminate the cause of injury instead of using a ‘band-aid’ approach. 

By empowering our patients with knowledge and the tools to recovery, we attain a success rate that is unparalleled in the health care industry.

By teaching the patient the cause of their injury, the aggravating factors of their injury, and the types of biomechanical compensations that occur as a result, the patient is empowered to play an active role in their recovery because they understand what is going on with their bodies. 


Calgary Active Release Technique

Dear Dr. Heber,

After being in 2 serious motor vehicle accidents, one 25 years ago and the other 3 years ago when I damaged my right hip, I have gotten to the point of not being able to sleep at night.  I don't believe in taking narcotics to induce sleep or control pain.  I have gone to many chiropractors, medical doctors, and physiotherapists over the years - I even tried Spinal Decompression for chronic back pain which was very expensive and resulted in minimal effects.  Since I have been under your care, the pain in my right leg and hip has subsided to the point where I can get a good nights' sleep and I'm not in a bad mood from dealing with the pain.  

Thank you very much,

Mark H.
Calgary AB

Calgary Chiropractor

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